Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kebangkitan islam bermula di Mesir: Rachel Maddow hentam Glenn Beck

Rachel Maddow. Aku pasti dia seorang yahudi

Teori Glenn Beck menyatakan bahawa protes bermula di Mesir akan munculnya Islam yang kuat dan akan merebak ke eropah telah dihentam oleh Rachel Maddow.

Rachel Maddow took Glenn Beck to task for his frequently apocalyptic pronouncements--saying that he and other right-wing media figures said such outlandish things that she couldn't tell truth from fiction sometimes.
Maddow's denunciation of Beck was part of her explanation for why she believed a post about Sarah Palin on a satirical website and aired an item about it. She said that Beck has used "every occasion as the right occasion to push for the idea...that it's the end of the world."
Maddow then played clips of Beck's doomsday take on the Egypt uprisings. (Beck has warnedthat the protests will lead to a caliphate and are being directed by Communists and jihadists. He also apparently said that China is close to taking over New Zealand.) Maddow pointed out that Beck had been equally apoplectic about Wall Street reform. It is for this reason, she concluded, that she was hoaxed.
Beck and others, Maddow said, see "a direct ratio between their own success and how afraid they can make their audiences."


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